And the Confrontation Hits the Fan

And the Confrontation Hits the Fan

Well now I’m screwed. I never did decide if I wanted to confront my aunt or not, when the confrontation came to me unexpectedly and unpleasantly. I was waiting for my aunt to leave so I could tell my mom to come over. She was in her car, I saw her packing flowers into her car. So I go out into the living room thinking the coast was clear. I go up to the window to double check and suddenly she is coming up the stairs. She comes up with the newspaper and starts going on about flyers. That might sound perfectly fine to anyone else but then you don’t know my aunt. Everything she says and does seems like bad acting. It is so hard to be around her because everything seems fake, you never know what she is really thinking and it always seems like she has an ulterior motive for every little thing. Anyway she is making this big deal about how many fliers there are, and I’m stuck there trying to keep quiet and can just feel the months of frustration and anger building up.

And then it released.

I just lost it. I yelled about the fliers and of course she scoffs at me, I ask her why she stole my dumbbell the other day, she says she didn’t steal it, she “borrowed” it. I yell at her that you can’t just take things that aren’t yours and then not put them back! (My grandma had to ask for it back, because after she “borrowed” it, my aunt just put it in her own room.) Once I started I couldn’t stop. I told her not to post things about me, and she just lied and said she never did. I told her she posted on and she just straight up said she had no idea what I was talking about, and she has never even heard of the website! I was so infuriated. Then she says I would need to show it to her because she has never posted on any forums and she has no idea what I’m talking about (I have found at least 10 that she has posted on, but most of it wasn’t about me or my family so I didn’t care.) I tell her exactly what she said about me, and can you believe it, not only does she keep denying it, but she also says that if she had written something about me IT WOULD BE A LOT MEANER. What the hell kind of lunatic is she?!?! And she just kept lying and lying, saying why would I have a reason to lie to you. So then my grandma starts yelling at me saying hey this is my house, this is still my house.

So now I’m not only furious about having to deal with someone who completely refuses to live within any kind of reality, but now my grandma is mad at me. I was really trying so hard to keep it together, I have avoided my aunt like the plague in the last couple of weeks just trying to get by until she moved out. Literally I have sometimes waited for hours in my room until I knew she was gone or working so I could come out to get some cereal without a confrontation. I tried so hard and some stupid flyers ruined it for me. And I still need to print out the evidence because I am definitely not going to let her try to say I’m the liar, which I know for sure she is going to try to do. Instead of building herself up she just tries to tear everyone else down. Well I for one will not be torn down.