More Happiness :)

More Happiness :)

Another thing I am very happy about which is a little more recent than the mug making date is my textbook for my online class came today! I am super excited to start my class, I hate having a day go by and feeling like I’ve done nothing yet it happens all the time. I tend to get side tracked very easily especially if something upsets me, so now I have something to distract myself with. It’s nice to have a goal, and I have made a goal to finish this course in two months. I definitely need to finish it before september when my regular semester starts again. I did an online course last summer too and I think it can actually be really exciting to set your own goals and exceed your own expectations. It’s something I really like about self-paced courses because you can get ahead without worrying you’ll show up to class just to have your prof say “and we will skip the next chapter.”

This also gives me something to do to ensure that I won’t go a day feeling like I’ve done nothing, even if I have nothing to do all day or have done nothing, I can take an hour or two to get ahead in my textbook or work on an assignment. It’s also important for me to practice because when I’m going through the program to become an accountant, all the work will be in an online format and I will have to keep myself on track. So normally I wouldn’t be super excited about having a boring law class to do, but I feel like right now it’s just what I need.


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