Being My Best Self

Being My Best Self

Alright so after the dust settled, and after I finally got to bitch out my aunt on Facebook after a lifetime of just trying to ignore her, I’ve realized that this needs to be my motivation to be my best self. Now, I’ve always kinda wondered about the people who are constantly posting on social media, who seem like they are trying to fake their way through things. They always appear happy on the outside but I know nobody can be that happy all the time. But now I get it. It’s like those studies that show that faking a laugh or a smile actually makes you feel happy. Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it.

I had sort of a lightbulb moment when reading all the slanderous things my aunt had written, and I thought what am I going to do? This woman has almost nothing to lose and I have everything to lose. Is she going to try to slander me all over the internet now, so if anyone googles my name, all her craziness will pop up? But then I realized no, she doesn’t have that power. Because if she tries to slander me, all I have to do is push all of that to the back of the results with my own content. With happiness and success. You have to fight hatred with love and kindness. If someone does something horrible to you, turn around and do something nice for someone else. I’ve given up on being nice to my aunt because I tried that and it did NOT work. But I can still be kind to myself and to others. I am going to use this as the motivation I need to always spread good feelings even when I’m not feeling them myself. Hopefully if I do that enough, eventually those good feelings will make their way back to me 🙂

Plus, I know that the one thing that would piss my aunt off the most is me being happy and successful. I’m pretty sure that’s why she targeted me in the first place.


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