Wow. She keeps getting worse.

Wow. She keeps getting worse.

Just found that my aunt had responded to my comment on her blog, proving what I had said and she denied. So what does she do? She writes a huge post, claiming things that my dad said or did in his youth, basically she tried to be as gross and explicit as possible. Thing is my dad often jokes and exaggerates, and my aunt lies. A lot. So it’s all worthless drivel anyway. What bothers me is that she is literally just trying to be evil and hurtful. What an awful, awful person. And she says the only person she eve hurt is herself!!! Like what?!?!?! She lost custody of two of her kids and the third was in and out of foster homes and never finished high school. That’s not hurt??!?! Totally insane. I honestly am starting to wish I could just move away and change my name because I want absolutely nothing to do with this woman who seems to be obsessed with my family. She even found me on facebook last year and messaged me basically saying well too bad I’m part of your family so why won’t you talk to me. Seriously how do you deal with people like this?!?!?


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