Seriously what is wrong with this woman?!?!

Seriously what is wrong with this woman?!?!

Alright so now my aunt wrote and “open letter” to me on her blog, which I was expecting, but she AGAIN accuses me of going onto her computer to find things. DOES SHE NOT KNOW HOW GOOGLE WORKS?!?! I literally have proof she wrote things on and she just blatantly lies and then accuses me. Then she tells me that she is sure there are more people in the world who don’t like me than those that do. She’s literally a 54 year old woman bullying her niece. It’s completely insane!!! At this point I’m literally just sitting in my room, waiting for her to LEAVE. This crazy woman has probably shortened my life by 5 years with all the stress she has caused me. What an evil bitch. I just cannot fathom how someone can be like this. I don’t even know what to say or do because I am just so furious and honestly, scared. I have no idea how to deal with her because she is just so far from anything resembling a normal person. So for now I’m just stuck basically.

I did post a comment on her blog though, with my real name. I know I’m in the right so I don’t need to try to hide behind some fake name like she probably thinks I would. That’s why she set it so only people using their gmail account could post, and couldn’t post anonymously. Well I am standing up for myself.

And of course she says that my grandma “has no sympathy” for me, of course I know this whole time she has been trying to find anything she could to get my grandma against me. And I wouldn’t doubt it if she has been trying to goad me into losing my shit so she would use that against me too. Feeling quite helpless right now, to be honest.


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